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Aple Ghar  

Poor Rural School Children as Agents of Change


Economic Rehabilitation
of Rural Youth


A Path Towards a
Better Life

Pragati Abhiyan  

Agricultural Diversification
in Dry-Land Areas

Rashtra Seva Dal  

Empowerment of
Dalit Women

Seva Mandir  

A More Socially Just Society


Abatement of Arsenic
in Drinking Water

Tamil Nadu  

Help to Tsunami-Affected Children

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Who We Are  

Our administrative work is done by volunteers, chiefly the Board

Who We Help  

We support strong local organizations

How We Choose  

We foster self-help and self-reliance


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Fostering Self-Help Aid
in India

What is CIVA?

Canada India Village Aid, or CIVA, is an independent non-profit charitable society based in Vancouver, BC. CIVA has operated since 1981 raising funds to support projects benefitting the peoples of rural India.

How does CIVA operate?

Canada India Village Aid fulfills its mandate by providing funds and offering support to Indian organizations working at the grassroots level. We take the view that our role is not to provide top-down direction but rather to stand back and allow the people who are directly affected come to us and tell us what they need.

Every year we receive a number of exciting projects both from our longstanding Indian partner organizations and from Indian NGOs new to us. We take on the difficult task of reading through project proposals and deciding which to support.

The more funds we raise, the more projects we can support. As CIVA has no paid staff every dollar donated goes directly to India to help foster self-help and self-reliance among some of the world's poorest people.

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