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Naldurg, Osmanabad District, Maharashtra

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"This project is fulfilling appropriate needs in an area much neglected by the state government.

Donations to this project will directly help some of the neediest people in India."

- Ashok Kotwal,
CIVA Sponsor

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Aple Ghar

Poor Rural School Children as Agents of Change

A lack of income earning opportunities in backward rural areas dents the confidence of rural youth. This two-year project in Naldurg, Osmanabad District, Maharashtra provides an appropriate rural education in practical skills and sound technological practices, as well as some formal education.

Program Goals

This program has three goals:

  • Children enrolled in a pre-established rural school in a backward agricultural area are trained in sustainable and appropriate cultivation practices, as many of them will end up in agricultural activities after they graduate
  • A vegetable farm and animal husbandry model are used to supplement the diet of the destitute children resident in the school hostel
  • The farm and the animal husbandry operation also perform as a model farm and extension service to improve the agricultural practices in the area


This project began in January 2008 and will run until January 2010.

As of April 2008, land shaping activities and preliminary work on the vegetable farm have begun. The following activities are planned to fulfill the objectives of the project:

  1. Development of pasture land with respect to soil and water conservation.
  2. Establishment of a horticulture plantation on the pasture and agriculture land
  3. Installation of a drip irrigation system for horticulture and vegetable crops.
  4. Cultivation of fodder crops for a year-round supply of green fodder
  5. Construction of shedenet house and vermicompost unit for training and commercial production
  6. Training of staff and children of the centre in various aspects of agriculture

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