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Nashik District, Maharashtra

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"This is an innovative approach to fight the never ending poverty of dry-land farmers. "

- Ashok Kotwal,
CIVA Sponsor

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Pragati Abhiyan

Empowering Dry-land Agriculturalists to Diversify Production through Horticultural Cultivation

The goal is to train poor farmers in dry-land areas in the cultivation of high quality pomegranates in order to help them to increase their incomes.

Program Goals

A lack of access to technological information among poor farmers is one of the reasons for their continuance of subsistence activities. If appropriate information is made available to a few, it spreads across the area through a word of mouth process.


This project began in February 2008. Agriculturalists who will train the first batch of farmers have been recruited and plans are being made for the first training camp.

Hold training camps for about 100 farmers in 3 different areas of Nashik district and also at different points of the growing season so that farmers learn all aspects of pomegranate cultivation as well as some key aspects of marketing to a niche market. This project is scheduled to end in February 2011.

The much touted miracle of fast growing India has bypassed the core of the poor population who live in subsistence agriculture. This project is a creative and direct assault on their poverty.

About Pragati Abhiyan

The group of young people who have initiated this project have tried a similar project once before. By all accounts that project was a great success.

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