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CIVA Publications

From time to time, CIVA has published art books as fundraisers. CIVA's occasional forays into book publishing have been disproportionately successful, particularly Keath Fraser's international best-selling Bad Trips.

       Bad Trips Edited by Keath Fraser

Bad Trips

Imagine the worst trip possible.

For James Fenton, it was a taxi ride through the seamy streets of wartime Saigon. Anita Desai’s may well have been her frigid, fishy, mid-winter visit to a Norwegian island, while—at four-thirty in the morning—Redmond O’Hanlon discovered that he was sharing an islet in the rising Orinoco River with hundreds of scorpions. And Jonathan Raban was held at knifepoint for reaching for his passport in a Louisiana pool hall.

From the Arabian desert to the urban wasteland, from an ornate Southern California inn to a Colombian slaughterhouse cum cocaine front, the brilliant evocative entries in this collection take us to the farthest extremes of travel with riveting tales of danger, disorientation, and beumused discomfort. Combining reportage, fiction, and poetry and representing many of the best-known writers of our time, Bad Trips is both harrowing and exhilarating, enthralling us with the phenomenon of misadventure endured.

“The only aspect of our travels that is guaranteed to hold an audience is disaster.... Nothing is better for self-esteem than survival.”—Martha Gellhorn

Edited and with an introduction by Keath Fraser. Vintage Books, 1991 (352 p.) BR>
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CIVA Online Archives

CIVA has operated continuously since 1981. Our early supporters included many generous members of Canada's artistic communities. Here are some highlights from our past:

  •  India, Finally! 

    My father’s stories about playing polo with maharajas, having tea at Udaipur's Lake Palace and hiking through Himalayan rhododendron forests were what first inspired me. And then, probably as a result of growing up in an economically, politically and climatically temperate place like Vancouver, I became drawn to the extremes India offered...

  •  New Life to the Himalayan Hills 

    The continuing success of CIVA in assisting with rural redevelopment in India depends almost exclusively on two factors: the generosity of our supporters in Canada, and the collaboration with honest and dedicated members of carefully selected nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in India.

  •  CHIRAG: Entering the New Millenium

    CIVA was the first foreign NGO to support CHIRAG and what originated over a decade ago as a vision for a self-reliant community has today transformed itself into a 90-person organization that is among the premier NGOs of the Central Himalaya.

  •  Evolution of an NGO 

    Based on prior knowledge of the area, healthcare was a clearly identified need. It was also felt that such a service oriented programme would enable CHIRAG to get closer to the people and help establish their bona fides and credibility in a shorter timeframe.

  •  Proposal for Education Programme in Rapar Taluka 

    We plan to integrate the health and education programs for overall development of not only the children but the whole community. The education program focuses on having a long-term impact on the literacy and education level of the village children.

  •  Ahmedabad Team Update 

    MARAG is working in total 25 villages of Rapar. The villages that are selected for this project are Sharneshwar, Jethasari, Vekra, Maiyapatti, Lakdawandh, Kharsar, Lalsari, Ravechi Nagar, Mananiwandh, and Venusar

Past Publications

Please note that Walls of India and Dry Wells of India are currently out of print. However, Bad Trips is still available for sale. Thank you for your interest!

       The Walls of India by George Woodcock and Toni Onley

The Walls of India

Prose by George Woodcock; Paintings by Toni Onley. Toronto: Lester & Orpen Dennys, 1985, 136 p. Out of print.

       The Dry Wells of India Edited by George Woodcock; Foreword by Margaret Atwood

The Dry Wells of India: An Anthology Against Thirst

Selected Poems Entered in the Canadian Poetry Contest 1987–88
Edited by George Woodcock; Foreword by Margaret Atwood. Harbour Publishing, 1989, 94 p.
Out of print.