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Purnea District, Bihar  

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"This project is about helping women from a socially backward area to safeguard their human rights.

Teaching these women to defend their rights is so much better than any other help we can provide."

- Ashok Kotwal,
CIVA Sponsor

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Rashtra Seva Dal

Empowerment of Dalit Women

The purpose of this project is to organize and train women from poor rural households to use the existing legal structures to defend their rights. This project was started in February 2007. Three separate training camps were held and the project was completed in July 2007.

About Rashtra Seva Dal (RSD)

Rashtra Seva Dal (RSD), the NGO carrying out this project, was founded in 1941 by a group of freedom fighters inspired by the ideals of democratic socialism, humanism, secularism and a scientific approach (as a bulwark against superstition and obscurantism). Its goal has been to create a society based on equality and rationalism.

Since India’s independence in 1947, RSD has worked actively to fight the forces of communalism, religious fanaticism and the oppression caused by the caste system.

Primarily based in Maharashtra, its activities have now spread to many other states in India. Its main accomplishment has been to create a cadre of social activists inspired by the above ideals and to encourage them to go forth and spawn projects to tackle local problems.

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