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Udaipur, Southern Rajasthan

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"I have been to India several times and am aware of how few bathrooms with running water exist in the tribal villages. Women have no privacy to wash or keep themselves clean. I believe such facilities contribute not only to the health of these women but also to their dignity and self-esteem."

- Sarah McAlpine,
CIVA Sponsor

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Seva Mandir

A More Socially Just Society: Rural Health & Sanitation

This one-year project in Udaipur in Southern Rajasthan improved women's lives through enabling them to construct sanitation structures and raise awareness about hygiene issues. This reduced health risks, empowered the women, and created a cleaner environment.


This project met the significant demand for sanitation in several villages Seva Mandir works in. Women’s groups contributed 40% of the project and where took responsibility for the implementation. Tribal and poor communities were given preference.

  • In 2 villages of Jhadol Block, the project created 144 toilets and bathrooms as well as a water harvesting tank. The women took full responsibility and with 2 hired masons, and completed the tasks in the scheduled time period.

  • In Kotra Block, this project built 77 bathrooms in 3 villages with the women providing the management, sand, stones and labour.

This program gave women who had previously taken leadership training to practice their management skills. The entire process has not only improved women’s management skills and awareness of sanitation, but has also provided them with recognition in their communities.

An increasing number of women’s groups are now looking for similar facilities for nearby villages. We have commenced a further Rural Health and Sanitation project to continue this work.

About Seva Mandir

CIVA has worked with Seva Mandir for 25 years. We greatly admire the work they do and are very proud of our long-term partnership.

We have had many projects with them including training Community Health Workers and Traditional Birth Attendants, building dams and helping to restore the land, and supporting women’s income generation schemes, to name just a few.

Every project we contribute to with Seva Mandir is always responsibly and capably handled.

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