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"The money is going directly to a tsunami affected child who has either lost one or both of their parents. The need for this money to ensure the continued opportunity for primary schooling can not be underestimated."

- Drew Stewart,
CIVA Sponsor

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Tamil Nadu Foundation

CIVA Help to Tsunami-affected Children Project

The purpose of this project is to extend Financial assistance of Rs.400 per month for five years to the Children affected by Tsunami, to meet their educational needs.

This project was started in June 2005. Since that time we have been helping 50 Tsunami-affected Children with Educational assistance of Rs.400 per month, helping them with medical check up, school uniform, books, note books annually.

The next step is to offer career counseling so that the children pursue further studies and come up in life. This project is scheduled to end in 2010.

There are many barriers to poor children completing any level of schooling in India. This project guarantees a reduction in these barriers to those poor children who have lost one or more parents in the tsunami.

About Tamil Nadu Foundation (TNF)

Tamil Nadu Foundation (TNF) adds value to donations by charging all overheads on their account, thus ensuring that full benefit goes to the beneficiaries. TNF also does an admirable job of tracking and accounting for how money is distributed and spent by the caregivers of each tsunami affected child.

Tamil Nadu Foundation Talks About CIVA

It is a very pleasant, rewarding and soul fulfilling experience to work with CIVA. The help from CIVA is definitely helping the Tsunami affected Children to continue their studies and come up in life. But for CIVA’s help, many of them would have dropped out of school system and would have ended up as Child labourers.

It is indeed a satisfying experience and a privilege to receive help from CIVA. Not only that such help goes to enliven the lives of the less fortunate and the deprived, but also gives a sense of recognition to the Non Profit like Tamil Nadu Foundation for the kind of open and transparent delivery system adopted.

We find it difficult to raise funds locally with so many NGOs competing for the limited funds available locally. We very much depend on the donation from our members and well wishers in USA, Canada and Switzerland.

However, we are happy to inform the donors that we try to leverage the donations by utilizing the available Government scheme like Namakku Namme Thittam etc. by which we are able to value to add value the donations received from our benevolent donors.

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